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Shrimp 101: 3 tips to get Perfect Prawns, everytime

Prawns or Shrimps (the difference is more linguistic than taxonomic, the British calls them Prawns while the Americans prefer Shrimp; I use the terms interchangeably) are perhaps my favorite aquatic things to cook with.  Packed with high-quality proteins, minerals and bit of good fat, their mellow taste and bouncy texture make them a one-of-a-kind guilt free indulgence. They cook super fast and hardly require any prep work, making them the perfect comfort food when you’re in a hurry. A kitchen all-rounder, their likable yet subtly sweet flavor beautifully adapts to nearly everything – from a citrusy Ceviche to rich Butter Pepper Garlic and fiery Indian coastal curries. In my opinion, the affordable small to medium sized ones pack more flavor than the showy Tiger prawns. However, all this simplicity comes with a price - Prawns are deceivingly difficult to get just right. By just right, I mean – plump, juicy and bursting with a taste of the waters they came from. To master c