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Legends of North Campus, Delhi University

North Campus, Delhi University - look beyond the affordable cafes, cult college canteens and fast food chains teeming with students, and discover some of the legends of classic Delhi food in this part of town. Stalwarts of their craft, these guys have stood the test of time and fed generations of Dilliwallas; they would undoubtedly figure amongst the best places in the city for their food. Chhole Bhature at Chacha di Hatti, Kamla Nagar Any Delhite worth his salt has a favourite Chhole Bhature place; some swear by Sitaram in Paharganj, while others patronise Lala in Lajpat Nagar. I am an out and out Chache da fan.  A landmark in Kamla Nagar, Chache Di Hatti has been dishing out lip smacking, Rawalpindi style Chhole Bhature for over half a century. Come lunch time and a serpentine queue spills out on to the road, as hordes of locals, students and university staff descend upon the tiny eatery. Not a place to ponder over what to order, you grab a plate of Chhole, Hari Chu