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Insights into Sushi with Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa at IFCA 2015

“Press the rice as gently, as you would press your lover’s palm!”quipped Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa as he tactfully shaped a lump of vinegared rice for a Nigiri. The deft and graceful movement of his hands held me in a trance, much like the mudras of an Odissi dancer. 
Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa teaches at the All Japan Sushi Association and was conducting a Sushi workshop at the International Chef's Conference, IFCA 2015.

His face shone with sweat as he surgically sliced through a hunk of tuna, with hardly a glance at it. He was streaming out every step in great detail in a flurry of Japanese, made comprehensible by his adept translator Ruchi Naithani Chinoy. The twinkle in his eyes, when he spoke about Sushi immediately reminded me of Jiro-san of the legendary 3-Michelin starred Jiro’s. I, sadly, have only laid eyes upon Jiro and his masterful creations in the Essential-watch-for-every-Sushi-lover movie, Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Right after he closed the demo by showcasing some gorgeous Sasa le…