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My favorite food memories for IFCA 2015

I recently saw a tweet by  @IFCA  about the 6th IFCA International Chefs Conference 2015 coming up in Chennai. Ever since I restarted my tryst with food blogging a few weeks ago I have been waiting for an opportunity to network with people in the know.  Events such as this are hard to come by in Chennai and with the line up of culinary legends IFCA had got for this event, I was dying to be a part of it. I navigated to their  Facebook page  and was pleasantly surpised to find these good souls were generously giving away 2 free passes for the event to food bloggers. All I had to do post about my favorite dish and why I want to be at the gala event.  Update: I won this contest! So here it is! Berry Pulav Source: The iconic  Berry Pulav at Brittania Cafe in Mumbai. The taste of those tart berries bursting through the Parsi pulav still lingers in my mind. But perhaps, it is its endearing 91 year old owner, Boman Kohinoor, who I reminisce about most. Bubbly