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Showing posts from March 14, 2015

Wok a Toque, T Nagar

Over a year in Chennai, and I still had not found anything to fill the void left by the venerable Lings Pavilion. Lings, as we fondly called it, is my favorite Chinese restaurant Mumbai. Given the bustling food scene in Bombay and how ubiquitous Chinese restaurants are, that is indeed a commendation. Getting back to my search for a Lings-a-like in Chennai, Anna Nagar is quite well endowed with Chinese eateries - Wangs Kitchen, Cascade, the erstwhile Dynasty (now shut), Kim Ling - all within walking distance of each other. I have tried them all. Future posts will cover them in detail, but my rant against all of them is this - None of them do my favorite proteins, beef and pork as well as Lings. The best of the lot, Cascade and Dynasty do a good job with perfectly beer-friendly beef, but neither serve pork. Kim Ling does a decent job with it's Pork Spare Ribs, but its still not top notch. Some digging up on Zomato for top Chinese cuisine in town and I came across Wok a Toque. Goo