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Revisiting Old Delhi & a vote of thanks

My love affair with Shahjahanabad aka The Walled City aka Delhi 6 aka Old Delhi began almost 7  years ago. Back then, I had just joined Hansraj College in Delhi University, stepping out of the confines of a military cantonment into the vast civilian  world that lay before me. It is when I first realized my extraordinary affinity for good food.  I took to educating myself on what good food ought to be like and and more importantly, where to find it.  Even though Delhi wasn't quite the haute-cuisine destination it has become now, it had much to offer back then as well. The well-known stalwarts of fine dine still held sway - Bukhara, Dum Pukht, Veda, Diva, etc. However, when it came to street food, almost every food writer worth his salt would  point towards Purani Dilli . Bereft of my present-day paycheck, I survived on pocket-money and would often trawl the narrow streets of the Walled City in search of affordable gastronomical delights. I must credit a few people in particular