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Showing posts from February 28, 2015 - An online chocolate factory

I landed back home in Delhi last friday after a rare on-time arrival by the Bhopal Shatabdi this winter. I skipped the staid dinner served onboard and saved the calories for something nicer. Excited like a little boy, the first thing I did after reaching home was rip open a small brown carton which had arrived earlier that week. It was my Candyhero shipment of Hero Energy Mints and their assorted candy bag - Odds & Ends, all the way from England. Caution: If you love all things sweet and are watching your weight or sugar levels, please stop reading at this point. What I am about to reveal below will overcome even the most doggedly- determined sweet tooth. If Willy Wonka ever decided to set up a store online, it would probably be like!  From Jellybeans in every imaginable flavor (and then some)  to the downright-disgusting/quirky-delectable Strawberry Scorpion Lollipop, this website has it all. I came across them while looking for energy min