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Soi 7 and Farzi cafe review

DLF Cyber Hub seems to have become quite the eating spot. A smattering of the most hip restaurants in an open air mall seems to be win-win formula. It was wintery Sunday morning and I was very excited! After plotting a visit to the much talked-about Farzi Cafe for a while now, I promptly packed my brother and set out for DLF Cyber Hub in Gurgaon.       Located bang in front of the IndusInd Metro Station is the DLF Cyber Hub. It doesn't look much from outside, but step in and you are sure to be bedazzled by the choicest eateries in a lovely open-air setting . I mentally bookmarked Zambar and some nice american-style barbeque joints - Smokeys and Holy Smoke. Soi 7 We decided to begin the hogging with some beer and headed to the sole microbrewery in the mall - Soi 7. Set up on the 3rd floor, it's a roomy Asian-inspired gastropub. We initially grabbed a lonely table inside, besides the band stage. A little later we moved to the much more lively outdoors to soak in